Web Development

Have an idea for something a little bit different or unique? Or, perhaps you saw something done and want to know if it's possible for your site? Vedhan Technology has a team of expert developers with many years of experience who can develop just about anything you can dream up.

E-commerce Solutions

An e-commerce website is simply a website that allows for purchasing of products or services online. E-commerce sites, like any other site, need to bring in revenue for the owner. Measuring that on an e-commerce site is very simple - it's simply how many sales are made. So, the name of the game in e-commerce is of course making more sales.

ERP & CRM Solutions

Our innovative Model Driven Architecture gives you unprecedented adaptability, speed of deployment and low cost of ownership. The web user interface on ERP and CRM solution improves productivity, accelerates user adoption and expands accessibility.

Android Development

Our experienced Android team is India's largest. We deeply understand the unique requirements and conventions of the platform. This means that our Android apps are designed specifically to have flexible UI to be used across a wide variety of devices, screen sizes and resolutions.